Calhoun Trading Post is an exiting new way to buy and sell yard sale and consignment items! If you’re tired of dealing with the haggling and drama of online social networking yard sale pages? Have you been trying to do auctions on those pages with no success? This is the solution for you. Best of all, basic services are FREE!


When you list an item for sale on Calhoun Trading Post, you will choose your location. Locations on CTP are fairly specific so that your customer can easily find items close to them.

While posting a new item for sale, it will feel similar to other online selling sites. You can choose to have one fixed price or you can choose auction. After you post the pictures of your item as usual, you will be asked to provide a meeting location. We recommend choosing a well-lit, populated area so the customer will feel comfortable meeting you here to pick up their item. Remember to copy the link to the item listing page when you’re done so you can post it in all the social media groups!

The two main advantages to posting your items for sale here both come from the same concept. When the customer wants your item, they buy your item. It’s paid. That means no more haggling over who was the next in line to buy an item and no more no show buyers!

We have provided a Facebook group for you to share links to your listings. Go join us at You can also post your links in other yard sale pages.

Please note: As a seller, you must ensure you have a PayPal address listed in your profile or you won’t be able to be paid!


It is easier than ever to buy locally now with Calhoun Trading Post. You can search by location to see items for sale near you. Each item for sale states the seller’s preferred meeting place, so there’s no guessing game. And the best part is every seller has a feedback rating to help you know reliable that seller has been in the past. No more scammers going from yard sale page to yard sale page taking advantage of people they don’t know.

Also, there is no more drama over who is next in line to get an item. Once you bought it, it’s yours. Just pay for your item and set up a meeting time with the seller.

Paying for your item is easy. We use PayPal to process all payments. You do NOT have to have a PayPal account to pay for your item. Simply click on “Pay with Credit or Debit Card” located below the sign on screen and you can pay without needing a PayPal account!


Buyers pay no fees. Ever.

Sellers will enjoy some of the lowest fees of any website available anywhere.

The costs are simple:

1. Featured listing. If you would like your listing to appear in the featured listing section of the website, the fee will be $0.25 (twenty-five cents).

2. The first three (3) pictures of every listing is free. Each additional picture is $0.05 (five cents).

3. There are no listing or final value fees!